Services & Programs

Gestion de cas intensive pour les victimes de la traite de personnes

The Human Trafficking Intensive Case Management Program is a pilot project and funded by the Justice of Canada.

Program Objectives

  • Immediate crisis intervention when significant safety concerns and/or mental health risks are identified
  • Coordinate services and supports with the client across a variety of service systems
  • Facilitate appropriate agency and community referrals as required

Services and Supports

  • Therapeutic services for victims of all forms of Human trafficking
  • Psycho-education to families on the impact of trauma and violence, helpful strategies on how to support their loved one and information on the benefits of ongoing therapy.
  • Maintain ongoing communication with clients, family members and professionals to ensure that the client is accessing the services required through a multidisciplinary team approach.
  • Provide outreach services as needed
  • Provide consultation and training relating to the program and trauma informed practices