Mobile Tracking System Program (MTS)

The Mobile Tracking System (MTS) is a high risk Safety Program designed as an intervention strategy to address the need to enhance the safety of individuals at high risk of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and/or criminal harassment.

MTS is a partnership between Victim Services of SDG&A and local police services.

Significant Components to the Program

  • Completion of an assessment (including the B-Safer Risk Assessment) and a personal safety plan
  • Provision of a monitored GPS mobile tracking device with panic alarm in order to dispatch police to the location of the tracker
  • Regularly scheduled follow-up contacts for on-going support, monitoring and device maintenance and safety plan updates

Eligibility Requirements

  • The client must be a resident of SDG or A
  • The client has made a complaint to police of physical violence or threat of violence
  • The client is identified as a high risk individual with serious safety concerns
  • The client is willing to complete the application process including the risk assessment, safety plan, stay in contact with Victim Services as needed and comply with instructions concerning the operation of the MTS program
  • The client is willing to work cooperatively with the Criminal Justice System and follow through on criminal charges and other protection measures suggested


Please be aware that MTS does not replace the security of a shelter or personal awareness and is only one part of the safety plan.  MTS offers a temporary device and does not in itself guarantee safety.